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Richard Wynn Application 03.11.2019

Kathy Anderson Application 03.11.2019

Barrett Upton Application 03.11.2019

Janet Kierdorf Application 03.11.2019

Ward Simmons Application 03.11.2019

Patricia Muise Application 03.11.2019

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>>>HHIMR CLUBHOUSE Survey Results 6-26-2018<<<

Board Position Paper – Clubhouse 4-26-18

Owner Clubhouse Questions & Concerns PT1 4-30-18

Owner Clubhouse Questions & Concerns PT2 5-7-18

Owner Clubhouse Questions & Concerns PT3 5-14-18

Owner Clubhouse Questions & Concerns PT4 5-29-18

Election Results:

Votes cast online: 304 of 389 possible voters for a 78% participation rate.  Eleven ballots were mailed, zero were returned.

Announcing the results for the 2018 Board of Directors election: 

Bobby Lowman and Michael Vos: 3-year terms
Terry Nichols: 2-year term
Wayne Lee:  1 year term

Board Information

The Board-elected officers for 2018-2019:

Bobby Lowman, President

Frank Clabaugh, Vice President

Gerry Fagan, Treasurer

Bill Weber, Secretary

Wayne Lee, Member

Terry Nichols, Member

Bud Beavers, Member

The Fall 2018 Owners’ Week is November 5 thru 10 with the Semi-Annual meeting on Saturday, November 10 at 1:00 PM.

The 2019 Owners’ Week is April 1 to 6 2019.  The Annual Meeting will be on April 6, 2019, in the Clubhouse at 1:00 PM.

Meeting Minutes

Covenants, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations

October 14, 2016

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